Why Play Bowls ?
Bowls provides healthy exercise all year in a relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time it is a game of skill, providing as much of a challenge as you decide to take on. Games can be played with either, 2, 3 or 4 woods.  Singles matches are normally played with 4 woods per player, whilst other “team” formats can be either 3 woods each or 2 woods each.  For preference the club tries to play triples matches, either in the league and friendly matches, or in the in-house club roll-ups.

How Do You Start ?
Beginners are made most welcome at any time of year.  You can try out the game for free for 4 weeks and benefit from formal coaching and friendly instruction during that time.

What Happens If You Decide To Join After The 4 Weeks ?
We run competitions and leagues throughout the year, but for those of you who want more fun and less competition, there are 3 casual, open-to-all club sessions on three days each week and we are also planning to introduce a 4th session on a weekday evening.  These sessions are where new members usually start to enjoy the game and quickly make friends.