Ladies Kent League. 2023-2024 Season


Lynn Thomson, our Ladies Captain, is very appreciative of the support she has received this season especially from those ladies who were prepared to be Captain of the Day for some of the Kent League games. Lynn put on a tea and cake morning for those who had helped her, providing a rather special cake as well.

Lynn did a grand job as Captain and all the ladies are pleased to know she will be doing the same next season as we enter the new Kent Invicta Triples League.

Well done, Lynn, and many thanks from all the ladies.


Sevenoaks IBC v Swale IBC. Ladies KL. Wednesday 17th April

Sevenoaks Ladies 11 Swale 1
108 shots to 50

What a wonderful match to finish the season, a superb effort. Everyone deserves a mention so here goes.

Eve Strudwick, Joy-Ann Hemmings, Rosemary Tuck and Lynn Thomson (Captain) drew 16-16. Veronica Hunt, Jeannette Kisnorbo, Avril Moss and Sue Walls won 22-7. Linda George, Cynthia Gaston, Mel Bridges and Ann Munro won 20-8. Sharon Funnell, Val Stevens, Angela Checksfield and Anne Welch won 17-12. Mave Helden, Barbara Taylor, Marian Greenouf and Brenda Bennett won 33-7!


Sevenoaks IBC v Bromley IBC. Ladies KL. Monday 15th April. 2024

Sevenoaks Ladies 0 Bromley 12

This was definitely our worst match of the season. Bromley had cancelled earlier and it had been difficult to get them to agree to a new date. Eventually a Monday was settled on, not ideal, we had to have our meal in the lounge as the Churchill was needed for the bridge club.

Three rinks lost by lots! One rink lost 9-13 which was respectable. The 5th rink lost 13-15 but on the 12th end Sevenoaks picked up six shots to lead 13-5 and then disaster as they proceeded to lose the next 5 ends and the game. No names are mentioned in this report to save embarrassment but we press on regardless to our last Kent League match of the season.



A wonderful turnout of 64 players, many of whom entered into the spirit of the afternoon dressing up in bright colours indicating an African theme.  Sixteen ends were played with two teams both ending up with 31 shots.  However, John Johnson, Jackie Smith, John and Sue Wallis were the winners as they only had 7 shots scored against them whereas Barbara Taylor, Mel Bridges, Ken Burton and Derrick Rodger had 8 shots against.

The best dressed lady prize went to Margaret Burton with Brian George winning the best dressed man with his colourful shorts and sexy legs!
There was intense bidding for the weekend in the holiday home at Combe Haven, St. Leonards.  Bidding started at £50 but rose to a final figure of £165, bought by Joan Moffat who will no doubt enjoy a weekend there with family members.
With rink fees, raffle, auction, the money box and a generous donation, we were able to give Florence a grand total of £1,000.   Florence, beautifully dressed in an appropriate outfit, came along with her two granddaughters,  Roalty and Khanya.  She was joined by Ellen, Mags, Brenda and Isabel, four of the six Charity trustees, the others being two Zimbabwean gentlemen.  They were quite overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the amount raised.
Florence gave a very moving speech about her upbringing in Plumtree, Zimbabwe.  One of 14 children, she was fortunate in that she was able to go to school and has worked hard to get where she is today.   She formed the Charity with the plan to help others to be able to believe in themselves, to provide clothing, equipment and to help possibly provide a school building.  Children have to learn outside and if it is cold or wet, they don’t go to school.
Thank you to those members who donated so generously to this cause, to those who have offered sewing machines and those who supplied old computers, phone chargers, etc.  All very welcome.
Progress by the Rural Zimbabwe Relief Charity will be detailed in Wickers World in the future.
Thank you all on behalf of Florence.

Brenda – Director.

Thirteen finals of the Club Competitions were played this weekend and two more last Thursday morning. Here are the results:

Men’s Singles: Dave Henning beat Mick Adnett 21-8
Ladies Singles: Anne Welch beat Ann Munro 21-14
Men’s Singles Plate: Brian O’Callaghan beat Peter Harling 21-10
Ladies Singles Plate: Sue Walis beat Shirley Christian 21-11

Men’s Pairs: Richard Phillips and Miles Walker beat Simon Pratt and Derrick Rodger 18-15
Ladies Pairs: Shirley Christian and Sue Wallis beat Sally Garvey and Anne Welch 22-14

Men’s Triples: Nick Christian, George Thompson and George Jackson beat Gerald Hemmings, John Roberts and
Pat Fogarty 12-11
Ladies Triples: Cynthia Gaston, Sharon Funnell and Sue Wallis beat Jackie Smith, Valerie Porter and
Shirley Christian 16-9
Mixed Triples: Avril Moss, Joy-Ann Hemmings and George Jackson beat Jackie Smith, George Thompson and
Derrick Rodger 16-10

Mixed Pairs: Miles Walker and Sue Wallis beat Lynn Thomson and Derrick Rodger 18-11
Mixed Pairs Sets: Ann Munro and Dave Pearce beat Nick and Shirley Christian 20-13
Over 60 Mixed Pairs: Neil Waters and Sue Wallis beat Mick Adnett and Ann Munro 14-13

Novices Singles: Neil Watson beat Roy Parsons 21-15
Oaks Cup (over 70) Singles: Brian O’Calllagham beat George Jackson 21-19
Martin Saunders Trophy: Johnny Johnstone and Dave Henning beat Kathy and Gary Williams 21-11

A very enjoyable weekend of bowls brilliantly organised by Anne Welch (who also found time to win the Ladies Singles) and Derrick Rodger. Many thanks also to those members who helped with various odd jobs, especially the washing up!

More details and photos will appear in the next edition of Wickers World.

Sevenoaks IBC v Stone Lodge IBC. Ladies (F). Wednesday 3rd April 2024

80 shots to 69
Although DSL had withdrawn from the Kent League, they were keen to play a 5 triples ladies friendly game with Sevenoaks so off we tootled up the M25 (at least some of us did) keen to admire the view of pylons and the spectacular  Dartford Bridge Crossing before arriving at DSL.
On arrival we discovered there must have been a misunderstanding, or DSL were seriously lacking in lady players, as several gentlemen were making up the numbers in their team,   However, we came for a game, and an enjoyable game we had, winning on two rinks, drawing on one and losing on two, with overall shots victory going to DSL 80-69.
Captain Joyce Allen, Avril Moss and Ann Munro led 13-7 and hung on for a narrow 13-12  win.   Cynthia Gaston, Eve Strudwick and Brenda Bennett had an excellent first half to lead 16-7 but the midway cup of tea inspired the opposition and in the end Sevenoaks were grateful to scrape home 20-19.   With 5 shots scored on the last two ends, Veronica Hunt, Kristina Williams and Mel Bridges snatched a 14-14 draw.

Sevenoaks IBC v White Oak. Ladies Friendly – Triples. Sunday 24th March, 2024

Another friendly game as White Oak have also withdrawn from the Kent League.
Veronica Hunt, Jeannette Kisnorbo and Ann Munro were on top form with a very convincing 26-13 victory.  Dot Fuller, Avril Moss and Brenda Bennett were leading 9-4 after 6 ends and then promptly lost the next seven ends to trail
9 -15.   A fighting finish saw them pick up 7 shots over the final four ends to snatch a single shot victory, 16 -15.

Sevenoaks IBC v Oyster IBC. Ladies Friendly. Triples. Wednesday 20th, 2024

Shots win to Oyster

The Oyster Club withdrew from the Kent League earlier this season but were keen to play two friendly triples matches instead.  When they visited Sevenoaks in January, Sevenoaks won 142-95 on shots but lost 2-4 on the rinks.

The away game ended 3-3 on the rinks but the shots victory went to Oyster.   The match cards have mysteriously disappeared so no more information is available.   A big thank you to the lady drivers, particularly on this occasion.


Sevenoaks IBC v Ashford IBC. Ladies KL. Saturday 9th March

Sevenoaks Ladies 1 1/2 Ashford 10 1/2
75 shots to 110

The two opposing captains rinks featured in an exciting game ending honours even 21-21, but it was almost a victory for Sevenoaks.   Jenny Barnes, Joy-Ann Hemmings, Marian Greenouff and Sue Wallis (the latter two joint captains) won 11 of the 18 ends and were leading 21-18 with one end to play.

Ashford’s ladies put two woods almost touching the jack with the nearest Sevenoaks bowls a couple of feet away to the side.   Skip Sue could not shift the holding bowls leaving the Ashford skip to produce a superb bowl for a count of three and a drawn contest.

The lone victory came from Sharon Funnell, Mel Bridges, Lynn Thomson and Ann Monro.  They trailed 2-8 after 6 ends but soon found their form with a run of 7 consecutive winning ends, eventually recording a fine 19-16 success.