Sevenoaks IBC v Swale IBC. Friendly. Saturday 14 May 2022

Following our victory over Sevenoaks Outdoor Club last weekend Sevenoaks Indoor Bowls managed to secure another victory at home against old foes Swale IBC, winning by 3 rinks to 2, 84 – 67.

Although we did start with 6 rinks Gerald Hemmings had a nasty fall and was unable to continue resulting in that game being abandoned – when Sevenoaks were well ahead.  Thankfully Gerald is fine although he did spend several hours at Farnborough Hospital before being patched up – thanks to Dave Fleming for chauffeuring him around.

Here’s hoping that we can continue to field a full team at future home and away friendly matches.

Sevenoaks IBC v Stone Lodge IBC. Ladies. Wednesday 6th April

69 shots to 55 on four rinks.

A four-rink match was agreed and Captain Lynn had four rinks at the ready until the day before when Mary Gardiner and Mary Lapsley fell by the wayside with the dreaded Covid.  Despite her best efforts, Lynn could not find two more willing ladies to join us so DSL were quite happy that we turned up with 2 rinks and 2 triples.   Although all four games were lost, they were all close  with no rink losing by more than five shots.  The game was played, we had a pleasant afternoon and a tasty meal.

For the full story of this eventful afternoon, you will need to read the May edition of Wickers World.

Sevenoaks IBC v The Royals IBC. Mens KL. 19th March 2022

We managed just to get the game on but with only 4 teams.
We had a very good match and if you take the 20 points away  that we had to concede we only lost by 30 odd points.
We managed a win on one rink thanks to some inspired play by Miles Kirkham.
The winning side was Miles Kirkham Neil Waters Stuart Ingram and Pat Fogerty
As usual a lovely meal with a very friendly Royals team.


Sevenoaks v Deangate Ridge IBC. Saturday March. 12th

Many thanks to those of you who travelled to Deangate Ridge on Saturday.  As expected we had a tough afternoon against one of the top teams in the League but, certainly on our rink, we were treated to a masterclass in indoor bowling!  They were also very grateful that we came with 6 rinks.

Spring Sale update. 21st & 22nd March

SPRING SALE.  9.15am  to 5pm. Homemade cakes, Pies, Preserves etc, Handmade Crafts and Plants. Donation for sale very much appreciated with all cakes, biscuits, pies, etc, to be individually wrapped with a list of ingredients clearly written on the wrapping.  Items for sale should be brought to the club on Sunday 20th or early Monday 21st.

SEVENOAKS IBC v FOLKESTONE IBC Saturday 5th March 2022

Team captains Brenda Bennett and Rosemary Tuck were extremely pleased to get 20 ladies for the previously agreed 5 rinks away to Folkestone.  Sue Wallis skipped our only winning rink with  Kristina Williams, Pam Stanley and Eve Strudwick and were in the lead all the way taking it to a 23 –12 victory.  Very well done ladies.  Avril Moss’s team were clearly up against strong opposition as despite getting 14 shots, more than any of our other teams, they received the pens from the opposition!   We are pleased to have fulfilled our commitments to one of our further distant opponents, albeit with an overall score of 122-68 to Folkestone.