The YARDSTICK COMPETITION is on Sunday 29th March: 10am until 5.00pm.
It is a knockout Singles Competition of 6 Ends with a Plate Competition for First Round Losers.
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Prince Arthur. Ladies Kent League. Wednesday 26th February, 2020


97 SHOTS TO 93
The Ladies have done it again, yet another victory in a five-rink match against visitors Prince Arthur.  
Clare Jolley, Dot Fuller, Anne Welch and Brenda Bennett had a ‘magic’ afternoon, everything going their way in a resounding 28-7 win.   A 20-shot lead overall around the 15 end lulled the home team into a false sense of security.  Prince Arthur were slowly closing the gap and tension was creeping in.   
Sylvia Riley, skipping for a change instead of leading, performed extremely well in her side’s 23-15 win, despite dropping 5 shots on the 20th end.   Ann Munro’s ladies dropped 10 shots over the last four ends to go down 21-26.  The gap was closing.   A 16-13 lead after 20 ends looked hopeful for victory but Margaret Elsdon’s team did not play a tight final end and it was left to Margaret with her final bowl to get her team out of the mire and ensure Sevenoaks scraped home 97-93.

BROMLEY. Ladies Kent League. Sunday 23rd February 2020


92 SHOTS TO 74
A game of ‘what might have been’ on the Bromley green.   More than holding their own over two-thirds of the game, Sevenoaks Ladies fell away over the latter stages and could only muster a half point for all their efforts.
Clare Jolley, Sally Garvey, Sylvia Stiefel and Anne Welch earned the lone half point.  Having led 16-6, they went into the final ahead 16-15 ahead but missed their chance for victory:  
16-16.   Should have done better!
Brenda Bennett’s rink had a comfortable lead, 14-6 at 14 ends, only to find themselves 16-16 on 20 ends and then played a not very good 21st end.  Should also have done better!
Ann Munro’s team were 10-10 at 11 ends, never went ahead but hung on grimly. Scoring 3 shots on the 20th end put themselves level 16-16 but again success on the final end eluded them.
A frustrating but enjoyable afternoon.

TUNBRIDGE WELLS ROYALS, Mens Kent League. Wednesday 19th February, 2020

Unfortunately we only managed to take 5 rinks to Tunbridge Wells, but at least all drivers managed to find their way around the traffic disruption caused by the closure of the A21.

Sevenoaks were well down at tea with only Derrick Rodger’s rink in close contention.  Unfortunately however they slipped later but the captain’s rink of John Biles, Les Gritton, Dave Pearce and Richard Purssell recovered well from 5-14 at tea to win by 24-18.

Overall we lost 64-140 but Sevenoaks did pick up their first point for many games.  We do still prop up the Kent League.

We have the return fixture at Hollybush on Saturday 14th March – it would be great if we could field 6 rinks and at least start with a level playing field.  And we have shown that they are beatable and we are capable of securing revenge!  Sign up now.

FOLKSTONE. Ladies Kent League. FEBRUARY 19th, 2020

Sevenoaks Ladies 1 Folkestone 9

81 shots to 135.
An excellent performance from Captain of the Day, Lynn Thomson, and her team of Sylvia Riley, Val Stevens and skip Margaret Elsdon.   They led 15-8 at 14 ends, suffered a slight set back dropping 5 shots on the next two ends for the gap to close to 15-13 but then pushed on magnificently for a relatively comfortable 21-14 victory.
Anne Welch’s rink was close to gaining another point, going into the last end 16-17 down, but it was not to be.   This was a tough match against good opposition.  A delicious meal, followed by a very saucy joke from our Captain, send everyone home happy.

Sutton & District. Mixed Friendlies. 12th February, 2020.

Again the atmosphere was good, this game started off very tight with the score at 6 ends 30-30, Sutton  gained a  ground with the score at 12 ends 50-78,  Sevenoaks  gained some ground and got within 2 shots, but Sutton had a great 18th end went on to secure a win at 18 ends of 114-125.  We won on 4 triples, lost by 1 shot on rink 7 just losing on just 2 triples.  The Top Rink on this game being Ray Fuller, Avril Moss and Joyce Allen.

The first two losses this season, we have three more mixed friendlies to play this season.  A big thank you for the support given.

Spoondrive Results. Saturday 8th February

Winner of the Spider was Rob Pothurst

The winners were Mary Lapsley and Mike Langford

The winners of the Wooden Spoons were Katherine Palmer and Dave Flemming

It was very nice to see several of the new members participating in this event, well done,

Swale. Ladies Kent League. 5th February, 2020

Swale Ladies  2 1/2  Sevenoaks Ladies  7 1/2
Shots:  Swale 88 – Sevenoaks 95
The ladies made the trip to Swale, not normally a happy hunting ground, but on this occasion won an extremely tight game by 7 shots, together with 3 wins and a draw on the green,, which meant Sevenoaks did the double having already defeated Swale at home.    Another magnificent performance, it’s almost getting to be a habit.
Two rinks managed to win by an identical score, 17-11.  Angela Checksfield, Linda Flemming (her first KL game), Valerie McNally and Brenda Bennett were one team and the other Clare Jolley, Margaret Fiander, Avril Moss and Anne Welch.  The third victory came from Joyce Allen, Linda Fardell, Joan Moffat and Marian Greenouff whose two shots on the final end saw them home – just – 17-16.
Margaret Elsdon’s ladies trailed 8-14 but won the last three ends to snatch a 14-14 draw – well done!   Ann Monro’s foursome led 19-15 with one end to go and, would you believe it, dropped 5 shots to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Loraine Kydd also played her first KL game on Ann’s rink.  Finally, Eve Strudwick’s foursome only went down by 5 shots.
An excellent’s afternoons work.