Saturday and Sunday Opening in December

Please note that the club WILL NOT BE OPEN this coming Saturday morning 30th November but will BE OPEN  on Saturdays 7th and 14th December from 9.30 to 12.30.

The club will also be open on Sunday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30 on 1st, 8th and 15th December.

Greenwich. Mixed Friendly. 24 November 2019

Again the atmosphere was good but the Greenwich team struggled, Sevenoaks went on to win on all 7 triples with a score at the end of 171-56.

I have to say thank you to all the players who participated given that these two matches were back to back and in spite of three players dropping out quite late we played only one short on the Greenwich .game.

Petts Wood. Mixed Friendly. 23 November 2019:

This was the first time Petts Wood have played as a team here.   It was as usual conducted in a nice friendly atmosphere.   The going was tight with the score at half time 48-48.  I had to come off after 14 ends due to still being unwell following our ladies match at Folkestone, but the Sevenoaks team went on to secure a win of 108-95, winning 3 triples and losing 3 triples so very well done.

MASON TROPHY (double rink for ladies over 60) Sevenoaks v Dartford Stone Lodge. Friday 22nd November

A fantastic morning of bowls from Clare Jolley, Sue Wallis, Anne Welch and Brenda Bennett with pretty well everything going their way as they recorded a 33-5 victory on the home green.

Joy-Ann Hemmings, Sally Garvey, Margaret Elsdon and Ann Munro had a completely different game, finding difficulty coping with the green, as they went down by 22 shots, although this still left Sevenoaks successful overall by 6 shots

Folkstone IBC. Ladies Kent League. Wednesday 20th November

Folkestone 9 Sevenoaks 1 (80 shots to 115)

This was a 5 rinks game. An apparently heavy defeat but it was not all doom and gloom.   Well done to Linda George, Jessie Thompson, Eve Strudick and Anne Welsh for the single point with their 26-21 victory.  Brenda Bennett’s rink was 15-15 at 18 ends but slipped away over the final 3 ends.

Angela Checksfield, Joy-Ann Hemmings and Mary Burch played as a triple against a rink as Joan Moffat had fallen sick overnight.   Sevenoaks opened up a 17-5 lead after 16 ends before the rot set in but fortunately our ladies just hung on to end with a 20-16 scoreline.  BUT, they had to lose 25% for being a player short, therefore a win turned into a 15-16 loss!

PRINCE ARTHUR IBC. Kent League. Wednesday 20th November

It can only be said that the days events were governed by ’Paddy’s Law’, a supplement to ‘Murphy’s Law’, which as we all know is that ‘Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong. ’Paddy’s Law’ is simply that ‘Murphy Was An Optimist’.

 Meeting at 1.30pm at the clubhouse, as arranged Captain Ray found that one team member was unfortunately now in hospital and two were AWOL! It then transpired that Brian George and John Biles had telephoned to say they were attempting to make their own way and made the call whilst parked on the now stationary M25! It was decided that the match would go ahead anyway with 4 rinks instead of the 6 and when Brian and John arrived at 2.40 they, together with 4 members of the opposition, played non-counting triples.

On the score front we lost 153 to 42 and no winning rinks.

Starting for home Ray’s sat-nav, concerned for his state of mind after all of this, took him directly to the nearest bus garage, (which probably involved a bus lane), and is now laying in a darkened room awaiting a visit from the Transport Police. Linda George is still awaiting Brian’s return after he decided to return the way he had come.

Singles Competitions

Mens, Ladies, Novice and Over 70’s Singles competitions – the Draws have been posted on the Notice Board.
Martin Saunders’ Pairs have also been posted on the Notice Board adjacent to the shop.
Could everyone please make sure they play by the appropriate dates …
and ENJOY!

Dartford Stone Lodge. Ladies. Yetton Plate. Saturday 16th November.

Fantastic scoring on the home green from Tricia Cave, Joan Moffat, Anne Welch and Brenda Bennett saw them take a 23-1 lead after only 10 ends, going on to win 31-15.  The second home rink, skipped by Rosemary Tuck, had a much closer battle emerging winners 18-16.
The two away rinks, skipped by Margaret Elsdon and Ann Munro, faced a difficult task and were several shots adrift at the half way stage.   However, encouraged by the score coming through from Sevenoaks, both rinks enjoyed an improved second half and ended up 16-22 and 19-23 down but with sufficient shots to ensure an overall 84-76 victory.

Mens’ Kent League v Oyster IBC – Sunday 10 November

Thanks to several new and inexperienced members stepping up we were able to put out a full team of 6 rinks – many thanks to all who played.

Despite holding our own well into the 2nd half the match then slipped away with us losing overall 103-142.  We did however win on 2 rinks to secure 2 valuable points – congratulations to the highest winning rink of Ray Fuller, Mike Langford, Alan Pull and Andrew Medhurst”


In December we are being visited by a group of boy/girl scouts. (Although an annual event, this year it will hopefully provide a boost our new Youth Group). We will need help for this event and will publish date and time in due course,