ANGEL IBC. Kent League. Sunday 1st December

Oh dear, so near yet so far, still looking for our first points.
John Biles team were going so well, so far in front, then the last few ends Angel came back with two good ends and John lost by 5 shots
Mick Adnett didn’t have a good start trailing by quite a few shots but they stuck at it, Only losing by 3 shots.
The captain’s rink should have won, would be holding shot or more than 1 some ends, Only for the Angel skip to come in and take the shot, they lost by 6 shots.
The other two teams lost by quite a few. The final score Sevenoaks 60 Angel 139.
It was still a good game but having said that we only took 4 rinks, if only more players would sign up for the league we could take 5 rinks, instead of starting off -10 shots before a bowl has been played!

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