THE ROYALS. Ladies Kent League. January 5th 2020

The ladies put up a good show in their first Kent League match of 2020 against The Royals but went down narrowly by 118-102 and 4-2 on the rinks.

Clare Jolley, Angela Checksfield, Anne Welch and Brenda Bennett trailed for most of their game but finished extremely strongly winning 15 shots over the last five ends for a 25-17 victory. Dot Fuller, Lynn Thomson, Mary Burch and Marian Greenouff held the initiative throughout winning 20-14.

Skip Ann Munro lost by 2 shots.   Margret Elsdon was level 16-16 at 17 ends and Eve Strudwick 12-12 also at 17 ends, although both rinks fell away over the latter stages.

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