BROMLEY. Ladies Kent League. Sunday 23rd February 2020


92 SHOTS TO 74
A game of ‘what might have been’ on the Bromley green.   More than holding their own over two-thirds of the game, Sevenoaks Ladies fell away over the latter stages and could only muster a half point for all their efforts.
Clare Jolley, Sally Garvey, Sylvia Stiefel and Anne Welch earned the lone half point.  Having led 16-6, they went into the final ahead 16-15 ahead but missed their chance for victory:  
16-16.   Should have done better!
Brenda Bennett’s rink had a comfortable lead, 14-6 at 14 ends, only to find themselves 16-16 on 20 ends and then played a not very good 21st end.  Should also have done better!
Ann Munro’s team were 10-10 at 11 ends, never went ahead but hung on grimly. Scoring 3 shots on the 20th end put themselves level 16-16 but again success on the final end eluded them.
A frustrating but enjoyable afternoon.

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