Sevenoaks v Mote Park. 7th November 2021

Today we played against Mote Park one of the stronger teams in the Kent league.
Sevenoaks managed to field a full team due to the fact that members change domestic arrangements and played at a last-minute request.
A good match was enjoyed by all even though we suffered some heavy defeats on 3 rinks but we managed a close defeat on rink 3 by 2 points
G Jackson M Jarvis A Hart and Tony Buddin.
But we did win two rinks P Fogherty N Wills G Thompson and N Waters winning 18   16. And the captain’s rink of D Rodger, M Hammond, A Pull, and Tony Garvey  21  14 .
As always it was a pleasure to play against the Mote Park team.
And once again great meal from Florence.
Derrick Rodger
Captain for the day.

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