SEVENOAKS LADIES V KCLIBA. Saturday 11th December.

Sevenoaks entertained the ladies from KCLIBA, a team selected from an assortment of indoor clubs in the County.   Thanks to the hard work of our Ladies Organiser, Joan, we actually fielded six rinks (24 players) which was quite an achievement.   Thanks to all those who played, especially the five ladies who were making their debut for Sevenoaks, these virgin match bowlers were Chris Brooks, Kath McCreedy, Jeanie Crouch, Pauline Eldridge and Chris Chapman, while Lesley Jefferies was playing for the second time.  Let’s hope they all put their names down again.

It was a truly friendly afternoon of bowling with victory going to KCLIBA on 5 of the 6 rinks.   Linda George, Jessie Thompson, Joy-Ann Hemmings and Brenda Bennett were responsible for the lone Sevenoaks success.   The quartet had a comfortable lead for most of the game until over the final few ends the opposition gradually closed the gap to level at 20-20 on 20 ends.   The 21st and deciding end did not start well, Sevenoaks going three shots down until Joy-Ann, at her second attempt, produced a wonder bowl through a narrow gap to move the jack to the edge of the ditch and leave Sevenoaks holding the shot.  The opposing skip could not save the day for her team and Brenda drew two more shots for a most satisfying 23-20 win.

After the game our guests were royally entertained with beautifully decorated dinner tables with Christmas crackers, a small gift, and a wonderful seasonal meal of turkey and Christmas pudding – special thanks to Florence for the delicious meal.   Wendy Borer, the KCLIBA Captain, was very impressed and appreciative of all the effort made to entertain her team.

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