Sevenoaks IBC v Royals IBC. 9th January, 2022

The first half was dominated by the Royals with the exception of Brenda Bennetts team who stayed ahead for the whole match finishing with a score of 25 to 12 , making them our highest scoring team. After tea our remaining teams rallied, occasionally taken the lead but the Royals manage to finish with wins on two rinks. Ann Welch team finished with a flurry, overtaking the Royals on the final end with a 5 to win their match. Final score for the four games was 73-67. We can take heart in knowing that we won the match overall with our four teams but because we were two teams down the Royals gained 20 points as our penalty, making the final score 73- 87.

Total points – Sevenoaks 2 , Royals 8.

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