PRINCE ARTHUR IBC. Kent League. Wednesday 20th November

It can only be said that the days events were governed by ’Paddy’s Law’, a supplement to ‘Murphy’s Law’, which as we all know is that ‘Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong. ’Paddy’s Law’ is simply that ‘Murphy Was An Optimist’.

 Meeting at 1.30pm at the clubhouse, as arranged Captain Ray found that one team member was unfortunately now in hospital and two were AWOL! It then transpired that Brian George and John Biles had telephoned to say they were attempting to make their own way and made the call whilst parked on the now stationary M25! It was decided that the match would go ahead anyway with 4 rinks instead of the 6 and when Brian and John arrived at 2.40 they, together with 4 members of the opposition, played non-counting triples.

On the score front we lost 153 to 42 and no winning rinks.

Starting for home Ray’s sat-nav, concerned for his state of mind after all of this, took him directly to the nearest bus garage, (which probably involved a bus lane), and is now laying in a darkened room awaiting a visit from the Transport Police. Linda George is still awaiting Brian’s return after he decided to return the way he had come.

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