Folkstone IBC. Ladies Kent League. Wednesday 20th November

Folkestone 9 Sevenoaks 1 (80 shots to 115)

This was a 5 rinks game. An apparently heavy defeat but it was not all doom and gloom.   Well done to Linda George, Jessie Thompson, Eve Strudick and Anne Welsh for the single point with their 26-21 victory.  Brenda Bennett’s rink was 15-15 at 18 ends but slipped away over the final 3 ends.

Angela Checksfield, Joy-Ann Hemmings and Mary Burch played as a triple against a rink as Joan Moffat had fallen sick overnight.   Sevenoaks opened up a 17-5 lead after 16 ends before the rot set in but fortunately our ladies just hung on to end with a 20-16 scoreline.  BUT, they had to lose 25% for being a player short, therefore a win turned into a 15-16 loss!

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